Saturday, 15 November 2014

New Books

So I started reading this new book called The Rook by Daniel O'Malley and I love it! If I could I would marry that book! Sometimes I think books would make a better partner than a human being but then I want to cuddle and books have 4 sharp corners that do not make cuddling fun. So clearly that was a bad idea all on its own, but back to the book. So I saw this book in the store and I was like cool chess stuff. (When I was younger I went through a chess playing phase after I read the book Lord Loss by Darren Shan then quickly started to play chess right after finishing said book, because I was paranoid that a demon might try and take my soul and the only way to beat him was chess, so then I learned how to play chess). Anyway I picked up this book and read the back and eminently it caught my attention when it stated that the main character was surrounded by dead bodies with no memory of what happened or who she was, so of course I bought the book ignored my school work and read. If I tell you anymore of the book it will just ruin it and I would hate to do that to you, so just trust me and read this amazing book.


And just so you know penguins do have knees so that 4th voice can shut up and you can finally get some sleep

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