Saturday, 15 November 2014

New Books

So I started reading this new book called The Rook by Daniel O'Malley and I love it! If I could I would marry that book! Sometimes I think books would make a better partner than a human being but then I want to cuddle and books have 4 sharp corners that do not make cuddling fun. So clearly that was a bad idea all on its own, but back to the book. So I saw this book in the store and I was like cool chess stuff. (When I was younger I went through a chess playing phase after I read the book Lord Loss by Darren Shan then quickly started to play chess right after finishing said book, because I was paranoid that a demon might try and take my soul and the only way to beat him was chess, so then I learned how to play chess). Anyway I picked up this book and read the back and eminently it caught my attention when it stated that the main character was surrounded by dead bodies with no memory of what happened or who she was, so of course I bought the book ignored my school work and read. If I tell you anymore of the book it will just ruin it and I would hate to do that to you, so just trust me and read this amazing book.


And just so you know penguins do have knees so that 4th voice can shut up and you can finally get some sleep

Friday, 24 October 2014

T-Rex Arms

I have a problem when I talk, cause I start talking and then my arms somehow become shorter and I'm talking with my arms from the elbow up. I start just flipping my arms everywhere and I never notice until it's too late and someone notices and points it out. Then they make fun of me but if I start talking with full arm movement I end up hitting someone in the face so I have no choice but to do T-Rex arms. I have tried to talk without arm movement but I just physically can not talk without moving my arms. Most of the times I just roll with it and make T-Rex noises if anyone calls me out on it now 

Friday, 19 September 2014

Basement Boyfriends

I know the title is a little weird but I think it makes perfect sense, because you know when you see an attractive person and you don't know how to talk to them but your just like I want them anyway so you end up kidnapping them and making them live in your basement...Okay ya that's obviously not going to happen mainly because if you can't talk to them you're not going to be able to kidnap them or have the strength to carry them to the basement. You could be at least 10 km from your house and who says you have a car, you can't exactly carry them on public transit, people always look at you funny on public transit. So not realistically going to happen but it's like your imaginary world where you just have a bunch of hot friends that you only visit in your spare time when your board. You know when I started this it made total sense and now I've just weirded myself out and wondering if I need to seek special help... Well actually if I don't carry out these thoughts then I don't think it's that bad, nah it can't be that bad or that weird psshhh it will be fine...I hope

Well this has been.....well it's just been special really and I am sorry for disturbing you,
well Bye

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Happy Endings

So I started marathoning this show that I found recently which is called Happy Endings. Sadly it was only on for 3 seasons... at least it makes marathoning it faster. But I'm really enjoying this show I'm already half way through the series. Okay but to actually tell you what the show is about, it starts off with two of the main characters getting married until the bride gets cold feet and runs off. It's a total of 6 friends and the two who were getting married are part of the group. The first season is mainly the two ex-couple trying to have the same fun times they had with their friends before the Roller Wedding happened. The 6 main characters names are Penny, Max, Jane, Alex, Dave, and Brad. Penny can be described as the stereotypical flamboyant gay even though she's a straight white girl, she's also the typical single girl who's trying to find the right man but she's overly picky. Max is the gay man in the group, and he does get teased for the fact that he sometimes doesn't act like a gay man but he has no idea how to act like a straight man (part of an episode when Max comes out to his parents). Max also is the guy in the group who you have no idea how he's paying for rent because he has no job and acts like a child most of the time. Jane is the competitive, control freak, wife who is married to Brad and is also Alex's older sister. She's super organized and has plans everywhere and sometimes thinks she's the universe (also from an episode). Alex, who was the runaway bride, owns her own clothing store which gets occasional customers. Dave is the groom who was left at the alter and was very heart broken about the whole ordeal, he later starts up he's own food truck. Finally there's Brad who is married to Jane and they are just an odd couple, like there are no words to describe how weird they can be at times. Brad can also be flamboyant in his own way and they make fun of him from time to time saying that people outside of the group people mistake him for the gay one. But ya I'm totally enjoying this show and most likely when I'm done I'm going to be sad that it's over


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

WTF Teen Wolf

Ok I so need to rant about this it's starting to drive me up the wall!! Teen Wolf confused the living hell out of me mainly because of some important information that they promised to deliver but there was NOTHING!!!! First we never got to find out Stiles' real name, second I still don't know what Greenberg looks like, third what the fuck is parrish and fourth why is Peter still alive he's just going to come back and try and kill Scott again. This just pisses me off I need these tgings answered why would you promise these things, getting my hopes up and then crush them with a hammer. For shame Jeff Davis, for shame

Monday, 8 September 2014

Internet Shopping

You know it's just that weird, slightly big, problem of online shopping (or on the line shopping) that seems like no big deal until you notice that your card is empty and you no longer have a cent to your name. Oops there goes the rent money, but look at all my T-shirts with all of the superhero logos on them. I now have them all :DDD
But come on you have got to admit that online shopping is a great invention, mainly because going out to an area that is crowded just scares the crap out of me and makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry. So online shopping is amazing because I just have to pick things out, type in my address and BAM! it shows up at my door a couple days later. But somedays I get carried away with it and bad things happen, so I just have to tone myself down a little.

On a side note I took 3 different quizzies to tell me who my celebrity boyfriend is and these are the ones I got...
colin farrell

Logan Lerman

Dylan O'Brien

I think I like these odds 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Unpacking.....Nah I'll Do That Tomorrow

I enjoy packing, mainly because I found items that I had lost throughout the years. But what I really hate is unpacking because my stuff is scartered throughtout the house, and it takes months to finish unpacking.  I wake up and look at all the bags and boxes surounding myself and I think to myself I need to finish setting this all up and then the afternoon hits and I'm thinking ya you know what I think I'll do that tomorrow that sounds like a wonderful idea. Tomorrow comes and it's the same thing all over again. I really detest unpacking and now I am continuing to procrastinate with typing this out and wwatching Outlander.

This chick makes me happy in a lot of ways and I don't know why

P.S I will not appologize about not posting in a while because I have been trying to set up my room and it's hard work plus it's hot outside and my house has no air conditioning, so to put it shortly it's been a really sweaty week. And on that lovely image that I just seared into your brain I will leave you.

Good Bye

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Shoe Shopping...NO

I do not enjoying shoe shopping. The reason for this is my feet are a size 9 most of the population's feet size is 9, therefore I can't find any shoes in my size especially when there's a sale. So its like OMG a cute pair of shoes I want to try them on. 9, 9, where's 9, oh there you are...oh wait you're just an upside 6...well fuck I guess I can't buy you. Well on to the next cute pair oh here's another cute pair 9, 9 where are you oh there's an 8... nope too small oh maybe a 10...nope too big. @#@@$#%&&)(*(^&^%$#@#@$#^ Stupid bloody shoes and the non existence of a size 9!!! But I need a pair of new running shoes because my running shoes now have so many holes they're being held together by threads, and I broke the shoe laces. I enjoy running and I tend to get a little crazy if I miss one too many days so my shoes have given me no choice but to endure this horror of shoes. But thankfully running shoes are easier to buy so I won't go full berserk...

So on that happy note I leave you this shoe

and you only get one
because I say so

Bye :)

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Odd Thomas

Here's a small story of my experience with Odd Thomas, if you don't know what Odd Thomas is than you are clearly not reading any of Dean Koontz's books which, shame on you, go to a book store and educate yourself of the lack of Odd Thomas in your life. I had to educate myself after watching the movie. I am a fan of Dean Koontz but I only read what was on my mom's shelve when I was younger, so Odd Thomas never crossed my path until, one night when my family was sitting down to watch a movie. We decided to look through the laptop for something interesting and as I was scrolling through I found one called Odd Thomas, which was odd in its self because I do not remember getting any movie by the name of Odd Thomas, and since I had no idea what the movie was about I suggested we watch it. Best. Decision. Of. Life. That movie was awesome I watched it at least three more times. The guy who plays Odd is Anton Yelchin who plays Chekov in the new Star Trek movies and he played Kyle in Terminator Salvation, which awesome!!...*really quiet voice*and I love him. Then I found out that Dean Koontz wrote the book, that inspired the movie so clearly I had to read it because the book is always better than the movie. It took me forever to find the book because it was sold out in a lot of places and apparently everyone else also had the same awesome idea that I had.

So do yourself a favor and read Odd Thomas and if your not a fan of reading, watch the movie, you have no excuse or if your not a fan of scary movies there is tops three suspenseful moments in the movie and the movie isn't that scary. The only excuse you have for not watching this movie or reading the book is if you can actually see bodachs, and if you don't know what a bodach is READ THE BOOK, WATCH THE MOVIE.

Here's some Anton Yelchin to keep you company

Your welcome 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Our We On A Date?

I'm the kind of person were I need that clarity before, you the person, think I understand, you literally have to spell it out for me some days. Let me give you an example. A guy on my floor, in the dorm comes over to my room, which is normal because we've been hanging out and talking a lot, laughing it was fun we were getting along. But on this particular day he came over and asked if I wanted to go see a movie this weekend. And I thought "ya a movie I haven't seen a movie in a while and I need a break from all the readings that I have to do" so I said yes on the pretense that we were going to see a movie as a break. So the weekend comes and he knocks on my door to get me and we make our way to the theater and he had prepaid for the tickets already so I was thinking "oh okay I guess I can get the snacks than". We get over to the snack bar and he turns to me and asks what I want, I tell him I can get it but he just shakes his head and says that he's got it. So now the commentary in my head is "Oh shit is this a date? shit this is a date isn't? shit how did I get on a date?" I don't even remember what movie I watched because I was freaking out that I was on a date and I didn't know what to do anymore. Needless to say there was not a second date, I was okay with that I was more concerned with school work than finding a date I just thought a movie was a great break. So point of all this is don't say "Hey want to go see a movie?" when asking me out make sure you point out that this is indeed a date. I like the old fashion "Hey want to go on a date?". That one is very clear to me.    

That gif is how I feel the date went or at least what I hoped I could do to escape it 


Monday, 25 August 2014

Doctor Who, Teen Wolf and Outlander...Maybe I Need a Life

So obviously everyone has seen the new Doctor Who episode. Just my opinion,  I'm liking the new Doctor, I'm sad that Matt Smith had to go because he reminded me of an over active puppy that was bouncing off the walls. Peter Capadi I believe did a wonderful job as being the Doctor for that episode, but I have to say the first episodes of a new Doctor are my favourite. I love watching the Doctor discover himself again and figure out what type of person he is and what he likes and dislikes. I think Capadi's new thing as the Doctor might be "I don't think I'm a *this* kind of person". All and all I totally enjoyed the first episode and I'm so stoked for the next week's. Mainly because I want to know who this person is that was like "This is Heaven". Who is she and what does she want.

So now I also have to talk a little about Teen Wolf because they aired this week's episode on Sunday. Scott almost went FULL ALPHA!!! Sorry I was just really excited about that, I so want to know what he looks like fully transformed. Plus I think he almost lost it in that moment and that was just "What!!?? Scott you don't kill people. If you continue to claw him like that your going to kill him. Stop it innocent little Scotty" Lucky Scott got to keep his innocents. Stiles and Malia got back together!! I'm happy about that one because I do ship Stalia and not Stdyia mainly because I don't think Lydia deserves Stiles. The only reason Lydia and Stiles are friends is because of the supernatural and if that didn't happen Lydia would still think Stiles' is less than the dirt on the bottom of her Prada shoes, so it's going to make my head explode if they do get together. I really like Malia and Stiles I think they're adorable because they both like each other for the sole purpose of liking each other and looking out for each other. AND I STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT PARRISH IS!!! I need to know what supernatural creature he is!!

Okay Last show that I watched over the weekend was Outlander.  My mom totally fangirled about this coming out for weeks because she was a super fan of the books. It kind of sucks being in Canada when the States had this show out two weeks ahead of us! (Come on States were next door neighbors you have to learn to share. I can't even watch the After After Show of Teen Wolf). So far I'm really liking the show, British and Scottish accents everywhere. I'm really liking Jamie(he is the love interest if you haven't already figured it out yet). I really love accents(who doesn't) and the Scottish accent is just awesome, if it was a physical object I would so put in my pocket and keep it!!

I also watched Hell on Wheels too but I can just watch that show and be done with it, I don't think about it for about three days afterwards trying to figure out what they're going to do now like the other shows. But it's still a really good show which is why I continue to watch it every week.

Okay now that I talked your ear off and it's now lying beside your keyboard I'm going to leave now and let you think about the anti social life that is mine.

This gif has no meaning other than the fact that the only way that you can say GUUUURRRLLLL to me is by being an owl...and no I do not think that is a weird thought to have I believe that is a perfectly sane thought.

Anyway Bye

Friday, 22 August 2014

Rice Wraps?

So on Wednesday I had to go to Ottawa to deal with some douche canoes (which I am perfectly calm about) but I want to talk about the lunch that my Aunt made on the Thursday for me and my mom. So it's just the three of us and my Aunt wanted to share this really delicious wrap that she discovered. She was right the wrap was delicious. She made two different kinds one with chicken and the other with beef, it had a little bit of salad in it, some avocado, hoisin sauce(which I thought she said poison sauce) and it was all wrap up in a rice wrap. If you don't know what a rice wrap is, it's just what it sounds like, it's rice that has been flattened and stuck together and is very light weight. You have to soak it in hot water first before you can use it or else it just breaks. Oh and the wrap is clear. So when it's all said and done, you're looking at this wrap and it honestly looks like someone grabbed a condom and stuffed it with food....the first bite also was a little on the condom side but after you got passed that you could enjoy this delicious little wrap. On another note my mom and I may have made my Aunt unable to eat rice wraps ever again. I'm just warning you about the weirdness of the rice wraps, so your inner thoughts are not "OMG I just bit into a condom what am I eating!!" while trying to be polite, but now they can be "Oh yes I read about these condom wraps and yes they are really weird tasting". Alright so now you have been warned! Be careful around rice wraps they are good but have a very weird texture that could possibly remind you of a condom.

So now that I have scared you with the thoughts of rice wraps I'm going to leave you with this picture to brighten up your day  


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Teen Wolf Rant and a Little Supernatural on the Side

So last night I watched Teen Wolf, the episode where I was told that we got to figure out what Parrish is. That was a complete lie!!!! The only thing we learned was that Parrish was a supernatural creature and you know what WE ALL READY KNEW THAT WHEN WE FOUND OUT THAT HIS NAME WAS ON THE DEADPOOL!!!!! And then everyone was like hey Derek do you know what he is and Derek's all like NO. Well fuck you Derek why don't you know these things. HOW DARE YOU JEFF DAVIS NOT TELL ME WHAT PARISH IS AND MAKE ME WAIT FOR ANOTHER WEEK!!! All we learned from Parrish is that he can withstand fire!! Aggghhhh why do the weeks feel so long when the show is so good. And then they just remind you that Oh ya Derek by the way your name was the third key to unlocking the deadpool and you know the other two are dead (intense feels moment) so you might die as well. Is Jeff Davis trying to be like Game of Thrones and just kill off all of the characters and then just replace them with new ones. You know what, you can't just replace people like that it's just plain mean. Davis replaced Erica with Cora and than Cora with Malia, does there always have to be a cheeky female character. I mean I like the cheeky characters, don't get me wrong there but, can they stop dying and/or leaving, he's changing character so fast it's giving me whip lash. At least Derek's growing into a person and not grunting/growling at people when they try to talk to him and what is Davis going to do with this, kill him? Anyway I just need to rant for a few minutes so I can let out some feels.
This is what I feel Teen Wolf is doing right now

Oh wait I also wanted to mention Supernatural and the fact that I saw Dean's Impala all dirty and not taken care of. I just sat there for a few minutes thinking WHAT!!??? I now need to take Dean's impala away from him and he can only have it back when he learns to take care of it again but until then it's mine and he can't have it back! I will look after his Baby for him. I will love that car like Dean used to love her (cries silently)

So that's my emotional pain of the day 
Hope I didn't make you cry *said in Hawk Eyes voice* (Smallville Universe Style)
If you didn't understand that last part there is nothing I can do for you

Well Bye

Monday, 18 August 2014

What Were You Thinking

So I recently started to listen to some old songs after a Stag & Doe party that I went to and one of them makes me giggle every time this one line comes up. The song is called Shake That Ass For Me by Eminem and the line that I so love in that song (and this is without sarcasm) is "I get more ass than a toilet seat" like how do you come up with something like that and not expect people to take you seriously after that. I would love to know what Eminem was thinking when he wrote that down and also why did it take me this long to notice that hilarious line. Like damn that guy has gotten a lot of ass....I can't even think about that line without breaking into little giggles. Just why, clearly he could not get that much ass, that's statistically impossible but that line is gold in my heart and that's probably how I will associate Eminem with from now on. Hehe toilet seat....awesome.
    Anyway that's all I wanted to say and look at this adorable owl. Am a keep it

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Dial Up

So everyone knows of this mythical thing called dial up right? If not your childhood must have been really fast because I had dial up and I was not a patient child plus I had a short attention span. So I didn't go on the computer much only to play the pinball game and that didn't need an internet connection. I mainly went outside and played in my sand pit with my toy cars, but that's not important, what's important is dial up and the stupidly slowness of it all. Let me just describe how slow dial up can be. First you boot up your computer that takes about 5 long minutes. Next you connect with the dial up with all the beeping noises, that takes about 10 minutes. Next you open up the internet page. Now is the time for you to get up do some laundry, make a gourmet lunch. Once you have finished you can walk back to the computer and load up facebook or whatever page you were going to use in the first place. Now you can go out and run a marathon, have a family reunion, get married, have kids and be sending them out the door on their first day of school, you go back to the computer and your page has still not loaded... But thankfully I got this new little device called MiFi it's like WiFi but it works off of cellphone service which is really great when the day is sunny and there's only one person on it. If there's more than one person on it, it runs slow and the internet doesn't work all the time so you have to sit there and reload the page multiple times and if its cloudy it sometimes blocks the service. Did I forget to mention that I live in the middle of nowhere where my service is spotty and to get it I have to stand in a corner in some weird water fountain pose. So for me to get the MiFi in a spot where there's service is hard but to find one with a plug is super hard because the thing runs on a battery which makes it really cool because you can take it with you anywhere. So the only downside is that I need to live in a place that has cell service 24/7 to have internet or I just need to go outside more....HA who am I kidding and besides it's raining right now so obviously am just going to curl up on the couch and read a book.

Anyway Bye

This is the game I mean if you didn't get it the first time

Friday, 15 August 2014


I need to complain about antivirus software for a minute. On one hand it's really great that I have it and that it protects my laptop, but on the other hand it's a pain in the ass. And it's all because of the "free" antivirus software. They always say that it's "free" and it's great, and don't get me wrong it works fine but then all these pop up adds come up and, they weren't there before but they're there now. And that just makes me want to turn into the Hulk and smash everything in sight. So then I go on and buy the antivirus software but will it let me NOOOO it won't, it's being stupidly slow and loading NOTHING!!! I have had it up to here with all this antivirus crap and I know you can't see my hand but if you just look up at the ceiling you can bet it will be there. AHHHHHHHHHHHH WHY ARE YOU BEING SO DIFFICULT!!!!!!!

*talking deep breath* I'm fine, I'm cool, I just have to be a patient grasshopper, I can wait this out, I can beat the STUPID *deep breath* software, it will be fine for I am the master of all elements and I can beat the evil antivirus lord.

On a side note this bird expresses me deeply at this point in time

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Talking to Yourself

So you know that moment when you've been trapped in a house, alone, for so long you start talking to yourself and to inanimate objects. Well clearly that's what I've been doing all morning. It has gotten to the point were I cracked a joke and laughed about it, and not just a little chuckle either it was a full on bent over laughter and the joke wasn't even that funny. I don't even remember what the joke was about but I do remember that it was about pie. I don't know why I was thinking about pie. I have no pie in the house and I saw no commercials on pie. But now I want to eat pie. Oh and the inanimate object part, I had to sweet talk a printer into printing some documents for me for about an hour... I need to get a real life or maybe I can try and make a Sims family and get them to have a better life. I like that idea better it involves less interactions with people... yay I'm going to try that now 

so Bye      

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Pinterest Problem

Okay I think I might have a problem because I'm on Pinterest like 24/7 and I can't stop. I pick up my phone, POOF it pops up and I scroll through. I'm on a computer POOF somehow it materializes out of nowhere and I'm scrolling through again. Even as I type this I am on Pinterest. I can admit that I have a problem I admit that I have many problems but I usually do shit all about it. Mainly if it doesn't effect my life to the extreme I don't think that it's that important to fix, and because Pinterest is fun.
 And here's a cat pic to show you how my insanity looks like on most days and just for randomness

Okay Bye for Now

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Kite Runner

So I just finished watching the movie The Kite Runner and it was a really touching movie. It was a movie that I thought brought raw emotion to the screen and a look at life from a different angle. While for me it was a different angle because it was mostly set in Afghanistan and I live in Canada so two different life styles right there. And how many times can I say different in this paragraph maybe I need a new word like......dissimilar. Wait. Shit. Now I'm off topic. Anyway I just wanted to say that it was an awesome movie and I didn't cry once, except when he said that last line of the movie and I cried a tsunami. All throughout the credits.

Bye for now

P.S for all you book lovers out there this movie was actually a book first and everyone knows that the book is always better than the movie.

No Science For You

So the other day I was talking to my house mates and we were just talking about the new house and how much we like this landlord instead of the douche canoe landlord we got the first time. Who thought it was a fabulous idea to just paint over the black mold that was growing in the basement after one faithful flooding night. We were just talking and laughing and discussing what we were going to add and what kind of fun we would get into. But one of the girls was talking about a shower curtain she got a while back and said "Oh and we can put the Periodic Table shower curtain here, sorry Jean" This made me stop and wonder what I should be sorry about or why I should feel bad about it when she continued "Oh wait you were in Computer Science so you won't mind". So wait since I decided that I would go in to psychology I no longer like or understand the Periodic Table, because obviously I didn't take grade 9 science. It was just one of those moments where you just laughed at their blondness and make fun of them later in life. Which you can be sure will definitely happen *insert evil grin here*
Anyway bye for now      

Friday, 8 August 2014

New at This

I woke up this morning thinking "Hey I think I should start a blog" also thinking ya it will be fun nothing will go wrong. So I check out a few things and since I was just starting I thought I should just start off with a free website. So I used the one off of Google+.....Google+ is the devil.
In other news (hehehe now I feel like I'm a news caster, I'll start that hobby up tomorrow) there's going to be a group of firemen(hopefully sexy) at my job today, and no I didn't start a fire. I help run a kids program and it's fire safety week. I had to watch a video with the children with smokey the Bear in it, and the graphics were just scary. In the the cartoon the kids eyes were bigger than their heads and some of them didn't blink once, sure they would be able to survive the stone angels in Doctor Who but it was just plain creepy and I'm hoping the firemen can make it up.
Anyway I think that's it for today, I might be back tomorrow maybe I won't. I don't even know if this blog will catch on or I might just be talking to myself the whole time.
Oh well...Bye for now