Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Attack on Titan

Wow okay just.....I love this show and I need more!! WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG FOR ANIME'S TO MAKE SEASONS!!!! Oh my god and Levi's backstory one thousand tears of pain!! I didn't even know how to function after that. I just was in so much Levi pain. And if you can't tell Levi is my favourite character and he is also my little cinnamon roll of an angel and Isayama needs to stop hurting him.

I have yet to watch the movie but that's mainly because I promised my sister that I would watch it with her. also I'm very scared that I really won't like it, like all the other movie adaptions of cartoons or animes. My main example would be avatar the last airbender. Like what the hell was that!!! they just fucked everything up in that movie and it just pisses me off just to think about it!!!! JUST AFKLHAGOHDJLASHG!!!! That's the only way I can put it into words of how I feel.

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