Friday, 19 September 2014

Basement Boyfriends

I know the title is a little weird but I think it makes perfect sense, because you know when you see an attractive person and you don't know how to talk to them but your just like I want them anyway so you end up kidnapping them and making them live in your basement...Okay ya that's obviously not going to happen mainly because if you can't talk to them you're not going to be able to kidnap them or have the strength to carry them to the basement. You could be at least 10 km from your house and who says you have a car, you can't exactly carry them on public transit, people always look at you funny on public transit. So not realistically going to happen but it's like your imaginary world where you just have a bunch of hot friends that you only visit in your spare time when your board. You know when I started this it made total sense and now I've just weirded myself out and wondering if I need to seek special help... Well actually if I don't carry out these thoughts then I don't think it's that bad, nah it can't be that bad or that weird psshhh it will be fine...I hope

Well this has been.....well it's just been special really and I am sorry for disturbing you,
well Bye

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