Thursday, 4 September 2014

Unpacking.....Nah I'll Do That Tomorrow

I enjoy packing, mainly because I found items that I had lost throughout the years. But what I really hate is unpacking because my stuff is scartered throughtout the house, and it takes months to finish unpacking.  I wake up and look at all the bags and boxes surounding myself and I think to myself I need to finish setting this all up and then the afternoon hits and I'm thinking ya you know what I think I'll do that tomorrow that sounds like a wonderful idea. Tomorrow comes and it's the same thing all over again. I really detest unpacking and now I am continuing to procrastinate with typing this out and wwatching Outlander.

This chick makes me happy in a lot of ways and I don't know why

P.S I will not appologize about not posting in a while because I have been trying to set up my room and it's hard work plus it's hot outside and my house has no air conditioning, so to put it shortly it's been a really sweaty week. And on that lovely image that I just seared into your brain I will leave you.

Good Bye

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