Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Happy Endings

So I started marathoning this show that I found recently which is called Happy Endings. Sadly it was only on for 3 seasons... at least it makes marathoning it faster. But I'm really enjoying this show I'm already half way through the series. Okay but to actually tell you what the show is about, it starts off with two of the main characters getting married until the bride gets cold feet and runs off. It's a total of 6 friends and the two who were getting married are part of the group. The first season is mainly the two ex-couple trying to have the same fun times they had with their friends before the Roller Wedding happened. The 6 main characters names are Penny, Max, Jane, Alex, Dave, and Brad. Penny can be described as the stereotypical flamboyant gay even though she's a straight white girl, she's also the typical single girl who's trying to find the right man but she's overly picky. Max is the gay man in the group, and he does get teased for the fact that he sometimes doesn't act like a gay man but he has no idea how to act like a straight man (part of an episode when Max comes out to his parents). Max also is the guy in the group who you have no idea how he's paying for rent because he has no job and acts like a child most of the time. Jane is the competitive, control freak, wife who is married to Brad and is also Alex's older sister. She's super organized and has plans everywhere and sometimes thinks she's the universe (also from an episode). Alex, who was the runaway bride, owns her own clothing store which gets occasional customers. Dave is the groom who was left at the alter and was very heart broken about the whole ordeal, he later starts up he's own food truck. Finally there's Brad who is married to Jane and they are just an odd couple, like there are no words to describe how weird they can be at times. Brad can also be flamboyant in his own way and they make fun of him from time to time saying that people outside of the group people mistake him for the gay one. But ya I'm totally enjoying this show and most likely when I'm done I'm going to be sad that it's over


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