Thursday, 28 August 2014

Shoe Shopping...NO

I do not enjoying shoe shopping. The reason for this is my feet are a size 9 most of the population's feet size is 9, therefore I can't find any shoes in my size especially when there's a sale. So its like OMG a cute pair of shoes I want to try them on. 9, 9, where's 9, oh there you are...oh wait you're just an upside 6...well fuck I guess I can't buy you. Well on to the next cute pair oh here's another cute pair 9, 9 where are you oh there's an 8... nope too small oh maybe a 10...nope too big. @#@@$#%&&)(*(^&^%$#@#@$#^ Stupid bloody shoes and the non existence of a size 9!!! But I need a pair of new running shoes because my running shoes now have so many holes they're being held together by threads, and I broke the shoe laces. I enjoy running and I tend to get a little crazy if I miss one too many days so my shoes have given me no choice but to endure this horror of shoes. But thankfully running shoes are easier to buy so I won't go full berserk...

So on that happy note I leave you this shoe

and you only get one
because I say so

Bye :)

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