Friday, 15 August 2014


I need to complain about antivirus software for a minute. On one hand it's really great that I have it and that it protects my laptop, but on the other hand it's a pain in the ass. And it's all because of the "free" antivirus software. They always say that it's "free" and it's great, and don't get me wrong it works fine but then all these pop up adds come up and, they weren't there before but they're there now. And that just makes me want to turn into the Hulk and smash everything in sight. So then I go on and buy the antivirus software but will it let me NOOOO it won't, it's being stupidly slow and loading NOTHING!!! I have had it up to here with all this antivirus crap and I know you can't see my hand but if you just look up at the ceiling you can bet it will be there. AHHHHHHHHHHHH WHY ARE YOU BEING SO DIFFICULT!!!!!!!

*talking deep breath* I'm fine, I'm cool, I just have to be a patient grasshopper, I can wait this out, I can beat the STUPID *deep breath* software, it will be fine for I am the master of all elements and I can beat the evil antivirus lord.

On a side note this bird expresses me deeply at this point in time

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