Tuesday, 12 August 2014

No Science For You

So the other day I was talking to my house mates and we were just talking about the new house and how much we like this landlord instead of the douche canoe landlord we got the first time. Who thought it was a fabulous idea to just paint over the black mold that was growing in the basement after one faithful flooding night. We were just talking and laughing and discussing what we were going to add and what kind of fun we would get into. But one of the girls was talking about a shower curtain she got a while back and said "Oh and we can put the Periodic Table shower curtain here, sorry Jean" This made me stop and wonder what I should be sorry about or why I should feel bad about it when she continued "Oh wait you were in Computer Science so you won't mind". So wait since I decided that I would go in to psychology I no longer like or understand the Periodic Table, because obviously I didn't take grade 9 science. It was just one of those moments where you just laughed at their blondness and make fun of them later in life. Which you can be sure will definitely happen *insert evil grin here*
Anyway bye for now      

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