Thursday, 14 August 2014

Talking to Yourself

So you know that moment when you've been trapped in a house, alone, for so long you start talking to yourself and to inanimate objects. Well clearly that's what I've been doing all morning. It has gotten to the point were I cracked a joke and laughed about it, and not just a little chuckle either it was a full on bent over laughter and the joke wasn't even that funny. I don't even remember what the joke was about but I do remember that it was about pie. I don't know why I was thinking about pie. I have no pie in the house and I saw no commercials on pie. But now I want to eat pie. Oh and the inanimate object part, I had to sweet talk a printer into printing some documents for me for about an hour... I need to get a real life or maybe I can try and make a Sims family and get them to have a better life. I like that idea better it involves less interactions with people... yay I'm going to try that now 

so Bye      

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