Monday, 18 August 2014

What Were You Thinking

So I recently started to listen to some old songs after a Stag & Doe party that I went to and one of them makes me giggle every time this one line comes up. The song is called Shake That Ass For Me by Eminem and the line that I so love in that song (and this is without sarcasm) is "I get more ass than a toilet seat" like how do you come up with something like that and not expect people to take you seriously after that. I would love to know what Eminem was thinking when he wrote that down and also why did it take me this long to notice that hilarious line. Like damn that guy has gotten a lot of ass....I can't even think about that line without breaking into little giggles. Just why, clearly he could not get that much ass, that's statistically impossible but that line is gold in my heart and that's probably how I will associate Eminem with from now on. Hehe toilet seat....awesome.
    Anyway that's all I wanted to say and look at this adorable owl. Am a keep it

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