Friday, 22 August 2014

Rice Wraps?

So on Wednesday I had to go to Ottawa to deal with some douche canoes (which I am perfectly calm about) but I want to talk about the lunch that my Aunt made on the Thursday for me and my mom. So it's just the three of us and my Aunt wanted to share this really delicious wrap that she discovered. She was right the wrap was delicious. She made two different kinds one with chicken and the other with beef, it had a little bit of salad in it, some avocado, hoisin sauce(which I thought she said poison sauce) and it was all wrap up in a rice wrap. If you don't know what a rice wrap is, it's just what it sounds like, it's rice that has been flattened and stuck together and is very light weight. You have to soak it in hot water first before you can use it or else it just breaks. Oh and the wrap is clear. So when it's all said and done, you're looking at this wrap and it honestly looks like someone grabbed a condom and stuffed it with food....the first bite also was a little on the condom side but after you got passed that you could enjoy this delicious little wrap. On another note my mom and I may have made my Aunt unable to eat rice wraps ever again. I'm just warning you about the weirdness of the rice wraps, so your inner thoughts are not "OMG I just bit into a condom what am I eating!!" while trying to be polite, but now they can be "Oh yes I read about these condom wraps and yes they are really weird tasting". Alright so now you have been warned! Be careful around rice wraps they are good but have a very weird texture that could possibly remind you of a condom.

So now that I have scared you with the thoughts of rice wraps I'm going to leave you with this picture to brighten up your day  


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