Friday, 8 August 2014

New at This

I woke up this morning thinking "Hey I think I should start a blog" also thinking ya it will be fun nothing will go wrong. So I check out a few things and since I was just starting I thought I should just start off with a free website. So I used the one off of Google+.....Google+ is the devil.
In other news (hehehe now I feel like I'm a news caster, I'll start that hobby up tomorrow) there's going to be a group of firemen(hopefully sexy) at my job today, and no I didn't start a fire. I help run a kids program and it's fire safety week. I had to watch a video with the children with smokey the Bear in it, and the graphics were just scary. In the the cartoon the kids eyes were bigger than their heads and some of them didn't blink once, sure they would be able to survive the stone angels in Doctor Who but it was just plain creepy and I'm hoping the firemen can make it up.
Anyway I think that's it for today, I might be back tomorrow maybe I won't. I don't even know if this blog will catch on or I might just be talking to myself the whole time.
Oh well...Bye for now

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