Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Odd Thomas

Here's a small story of my experience with Odd Thomas, if you don't know what Odd Thomas is than you are clearly not reading any of Dean Koontz's books which, shame on you, go to a book store and educate yourself of the lack of Odd Thomas in your life. I had to educate myself after watching the movie. I am a fan of Dean Koontz but I only read what was on my mom's shelve when I was younger, so Odd Thomas never crossed my path until, one night when my family was sitting down to watch a movie. We decided to look through the laptop for something interesting and as I was scrolling through I found one called Odd Thomas, which was odd in its self because I do not remember getting any movie by the name of Odd Thomas, and since I had no idea what the movie was about I suggested we watch it. Best. Decision. Of. Life. That movie was awesome I watched it at least three more times. The guy who plays Odd is Anton Yelchin who plays Chekov in the new Star Trek movies and he played Kyle in Terminator Salvation, which awesome!!...*really quiet voice*and I love him. Then I found out that Dean Koontz wrote the book, that inspired the movie so clearly I had to read it because the book is always better than the movie. It took me forever to find the book because it was sold out in a lot of places and apparently everyone else also had the same awesome idea that I had.

So do yourself a favor and read Odd Thomas and if your not a fan of reading, watch the movie, you have no excuse or if your not a fan of scary movies there is tops three suspenseful moments in the movie and the movie isn't that scary. The only excuse you have for not watching this movie or reading the book is if you can actually see bodachs, and if you don't know what a bodach is READ THE BOOK, WATCH THE MOVIE.

Here's some Anton Yelchin to keep you company

Your welcome 

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