Saturday, 16 August 2014

Dial Up

So everyone knows of this mythical thing called dial up right? If not your childhood must have been really fast because I had dial up and I was not a patient child plus I had a short attention span. So I didn't go on the computer much only to play the pinball game and that didn't need an internet connection. I mainly went outside and played in my sand pit with my toy cars, but that's not important, what's important is dial up and the stupidly slowness of it all. Let me just describe how slow dial up can be. First you boot up your computer that takes about 5 long minutes. Next you connect with the dial up with all the beeping noises, that takes about 10 minutes. Next you open up the internet page. Now is the time for you to get up do some laundry, make a gourmet lunch. Once you have finished you can walk back to the computer and load up facebook or whatever page you were going to use in the first place. Now you can go out and run a marathon, have a family reunion, get married, have kids and be sending them out the door on their first day of school, you go back to the computer and your page has still not loaded... But thankfully I got this new little device called MiFi it's like WiFi but it works off of cellphone service which is really great when the day is sunny and there's only one person on it. If there's more than one person on it, it runs slow and the internet doesn't work all the time so you have to sit there and reload the page multiple times and if its cloudy it sometimes blocks the service. Did I forget to mention that I live in the middle of nowhere where my service is spotty and to get it I have to stand in a corner in some weird water fountain pose. So for me to get the MiFi in a spot where there's service is hard but to find one with a plug is super hard because the thing runs on a battery which makes it really cool because you can take it with you anywhere. So the only downside is that I need to live in a place that has cell service 24/7 to have internet or I just need to go outside more....HA who am I kidding and besides it's raining right now so obviously am just going to curl up on the couch and read a book.

Anyway Bye

This is the game I mean if you didn't get it the first time

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