Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Teen Wolf Rant and a Little Supernatural on the Side

So last night I watched Teen Wolf, the episode where I was told that we got to figure out what Parrish is. That was a complete lie!!!! The only thing we learned was that Parrish was a supernatural creature and you know what WE ALL READY KNEW THAT WHEN WE FOUND OUT THAT HIS NAME WAS ON THE DEADPOOL!!!!! And then everyone was like hey Derek do you know what he is and Derek's all like NO. Well fuck you Derek why don't you know these things. HOW DARE YOU JEFF DAVIS NOT TELL ME WHAT PARISH IS AND MAKE ME WAIT FOR ANOTHER WEEK!!! All we learned from Parrish is that he can withstand fire!! Aggghhhh why do the weeks feel so long when the show is so good. And then they just remind you that Oh ya Derek by the way your name was the third key to unlocking the deadpool and you know the other two are dead (intense feels moment) so you might die as well. Is Jeff Davis trying to be like Game of Thrones and just kill off all of the characters and then just replace them with new ones. You know what, you can't just replace people like that it's just plain mean. Davis replaced Erica with Cora and than Cora with Malia, does there always have to be a cheeky female character. I mean I like the cheeky characters, don't get me wrong there but, can they stop dying and/or leaving, he's changing character so fast it's giving me whip lash. At least Derek's growing into a person and not grunting/growling at people when they try to talk to him and what is Davis going to do with this, kill him? Anyway I just need to rant for a few minutes so I can let out some feels.
This is what I feel Teen Wolf is doing right now

Oh wait I also wanted to mention Supernatural and the fact that I saw Dean's Impala all dirty and not taken care of. I just sat there for a few minutes thinking WHAT!!??? I now need to take Dean's impala away from him and he can only have it back when he learns to take care of it again but until then it's mine and he can't have it back! I will look after his Baby for him. I will love that car like Dean used to love her (cries silently)

So that's my emotional pain of the day 
Hope I didn't make you cry *said in Hawk Eyes voice* (Smallville Universe Style)
If you didn't understand that last part there is nothing I can do for you

Well Bye

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