Monday, 25 August 2014

Doctor Who, Teen Wolf and Outlander...Maybe I Need a Life

So obviously everyone has seen the new Doctor Who episode. Just my opinion,  I'm liking the new Doctor, I'm sad that Matt Smith had to go because he reminded me of an over active puppy that was bouncing off the walls. Peter Capadi I believe did a wonderful job as being the Doctor for that episode, but I have to say the first episodes of a new Doctor are my favourite. I love watching the Doctor discover himself again and figure out what type of person he is and what he likes and dislikes. I think Capadi's new thing as the Doctor might be "I don't think I'm a *this* kind of person". All and all I totally enjoyed the first episode and I'm so stoked for the next week's. Mainly because I want to know who this person is that was like "This is Heaven". Who is she and what does she want.

So now I also have to talk a little about Teen Wolf because they aired this week's episode on Sunday. Scott almost went FULL ALPHA!!! Sorry I was just really excited about that, I so want to know what he looks like fully transformed. Plus I think he almost lost it in that moment and that was just "What!!?? Scott you don't kill people. If you continue to claw him like that your going to kill him. Stop it innocent little Scotty" Lucky Scott got to keep his innocents. Stiles and Malia got back together!! I'm happy about that one because I do ship Stalia and not Stdyia mainly because I don't think Lydia deserves Stiles. The only reason Lydia and Stiles are friends is because of the supernatural and if that didn't happen Lydia would still think Stiles' is less than the dirt on the bottom of her Prada shoes, so it's going to make my head explode if they do get together. I really like Malia and Stiles I think they're adorable because they both like each other for the sole purpose of liking each other and looking out for each other. AND I STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT PARRISH IS!!! I need to know what supernatural creature he is!!

Okay Last show that I watched over the weekend was Outlander.  My mom totally fangirled about this coming out for weeks because she was a super fan of the books. It kind of sucks being in Canada when the States had this show out two weeks ahead of us! (Come on States were next door neighbors you have to learn to share. I can't even watch the After After Show of Teen Wolf). So far I'm really liking the show, British and Scottish accents everywhere. I'm really liking Jamie(he is the love interest if you haven't already figured it out yet). I really love accents(who doesn't) and the Scottish accent is just awesome, if it was a physical object I would so put in my pocket and keep it!!

I also watched Hell on Wheels too but I can just watch that show and be done with it, I don't think about it for about three days afterwards trying to figure out what they're going to do now like the other shows. But it's still a really good show which is why I continue to watch it every week.

Okay now that I talked your ear off and it's now lying beside your keyboard I'm going to leave now and let you think about the anti social life that is mine.

This gif has no meaning other than the fact that the only way that you can say GUUUURRRLLLL to me is by being an owl...and no I do not think that is a weird thought to have I believe that is a perfectly sane thought.

Anyway Bye

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